Cube provide a fully integrated Software solution, embracing all Operational, Financial and Commercial sectors of the Construction industry, delivering Software, Service and unrivaled Success to your Business.

Cube links four key areas of your business – Estimating, Production/Project management, Accounting, and Analysis/Reporting- into one integrated process that Cube calls the “Profit Cycle”
By using Cube to manage your business’ Profit Cycle you will be better able to understand and manage the profitability of your contracts throughout the complete project lifecycle. You will then use Cube to feedback your experience and knowledge to improve your estimates and project performance for future contracts. The result is more profitable contracts and greater profits for your company.



Cube has a range of products, that all work together to deliver a “one stop” solution to the end user.

Duplication of effort is eliminated, enabling staff to spend more time analysing the information on the system to help minimise disruption to production and maximise available resource.

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