April 2016 News

Launch of Novade Logistics 

In April, CS Global Group launched Novade Logistics which is an enterprise solution to manage equipment and consumables on construction sites.

Novade Logistics


Novade Logistics is a Mobile App created with the idea of tracking equipment and monitoring the use of consumables with the aim of reducing wastage and controlling cost at construction sites. It leverages the use of mobile devices to ensure that all information is up to date and easily accessible.

Project Showcase: Up to $34b in Construction Contracts Expected to be Awarded This Year.

According to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the amount of construction contracts in Singapore to be awarded in 2016 is estimated to be between S$27b and S$34b, with the public sector putting up 65% of this demand.

CS Global Group is committed to providing the industry with our fully integrated, project management, design and engineering solutions to address the business needs and to ensure that these projects are planned, run and completed successfully.

Events: Exclusive Key Breakfast Event at M Hotel

CS Global Group is always looking for opportunities to connect with you and also to share know-how and forge a common understanding with our customers, even as we seek to stay in the forefront of technology. We organised an exclusive breakfast event for our customers to showcase and highlight the latest changes in the architecture, engineering and construction(AEC) Industry.

The event also provided a good networking platform to enhance our relationship with our customers.

At the event, we also extended an exclusive promotion for the attendees. Look out for our next event as we are definitely planning for another one soon.

One Team Extension Partner’s Event in Bangkok (30 March 2016 – 1 April 2016)

CS Global Group attended the OTX Partner’s event held in Bangkok recently as part of our quest for continuous learning.


It was a great event where we gained greater understanding of the challenges and direction of the industry. Now we can better align our business strategy with our partners.

It was a great honour for CS Global Group to receive the award of “ASEAN Top Marketing Reseller” from Autodesk. 

Indeed we are very appreciative of our partners and customers for the continuous support throughout the years and even in this challenging business environment. Receiving this award was definitely a highlight of our April. We hope to achieve even greater success in 2016.

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