Real Estate Marketing

Have you ever travelled a long distance to see a property and ended up hating it even before you step into the door? Soon you may never have to. 

Just do a virtual viewing of the property which you have shortlisted in the comfort of your own home. 

The Matterport 3D scanning technology that CS Global is using is 99% accurate. Yes, you can even use it to produce a floor plan that is very accurate and know exactly if your priceless antique dining set will fit in the living room. 

Business Spaces

Do you have a yoga studio or retail shop or cafe that you want to show your potential customers? You are very confident that if they only know how cool your shop is, the will come. Well now you can, with 3D scanning, you can showcase your business space and attract them to come to you. Place the video on your website or social media channels and let your customers experience your space.  

Introducing the MATTERPORT Pro2 3D camera

3D Gallery by matterport